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Welcome to our Department!

Department Staff: 1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 9 Assistant Professors, 1 Senior Lecturers, 3 Laboratory Technicians.

Subjects and Courses of Study:

  • Fundamentals of Practical Activity in Physical Rehabilitation (Introduction to the Specialty);
  • Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle;
  • Physical Education;
  • Scientific Evidence-Based Practice in Physical Rehabilitation;
  • Massage and Self-Massage;
  • Therapeutic Exercises;
  • Clinical Rehabilitation Management in Cardiology and Pulmonology;
  • Physical Education (Types of Health and Motor Activity);
  • Manipulation Methods of Physical Rehabilitation;
  • Biomechanics and Clinical Kinesiology;
  • Rehabilitation Massage;
  • Clinical Rehabilitation Management in Case of Disorders of Musculoskeletal System;
  • Inspections, Methods of Evaluation and Control in Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System;
  • Practice on the Profile of the Future Profession;
  • Therapeutic Rehabilitation Massage;
  • Rehabilitation Service Providing;
  • Physical Therapy in Surgical and Oncological Diseases;
  • Physical Therapy in Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System;
  • Clinical Practice in Physical Therapy for Injuries and Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System;
  • Manual Therapy;
  • Occupational Therapy;
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

Way of Learning:

  • full-time;
  • correspondence.

The students of the following academic units study at the department:

  • Faculty of Medicine;
  • Faculty of Dentistry;
  • Faculty of Pharmacy;
  • International Students' Faculty;
  • Academic and Research Institute of Nursing.

The students study in the following specialties:

  • General Medicine;
  • Dentistry;
  • Pharmacy;
  • Nursing;
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy;
  • Physical Rehabilitation.